Happy New Year, with new environmental regulations in France

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At the close of 2011, the French government finally published its new regulations concerning environmental impact assessment and public consultations. It’s a nice Christmas present… and these changes will play a defining role in the new year.

  • Décret n° 2011-2018 du 29 décembre 2011 portant réforme de l’enquête publique relative aux opérations susceptibles d’affecter l’environnement
  • Décret n° 2011-2019 du 29 décembre 2011 portant réforme des études d’impact des projets de travaux, d’ouvrages ou d’aménagements
  • These regulations will be applicable as of June 1st. They are bringing about considerable change in the way biodiversity and ecosystems will be taken into account in development projects and land planning. We will discuss these changes here in the coming weeks.

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