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This blog presents detailed analyses and short comments on current events and trends in the science, management and policies of biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Special emphasis is given to the policy-mix aimed at achieving no net loss of biodiversity (including biodiversity offsets, conservation banking) and the underlying theory and practice of ecological assessments (including ecological equivalency methods).

You can contact the author, Fabien Quétier, by sending an email.

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  1. James Aronson says:

    Fabien, bonjour. Je suis au CEFE, et travaille sur ces questions avec accent sur la restauration écologique. On a au moins une connaissance en commun – Sylvain Pioch. Surement bien plus. J’aimerais vous rencontrer.
    Bien cordialement, James

  2. Julian says:

    I am contacting you from ‘Ecosystem Services Come To Town’, a new international conference that is focused on green infrastructure and ecosystem services. Ecosystem services can be employed to combat problems that our urban ecosystems face from climate change, overheating, flash flooding, air and water pollution, high energy demand, and a loss of biodiversity – all of which have a major impact on health, economic performance, and quality of life.

    This conference will bring together leading practitioners from a wide range of sectors: sustainability experts, policy makers, local authorities, architects, designers, planners, developers, manufacturers, engineers, utility firms, investors, NGOs, and community groups – all to discuss the challenges our cities face from a changing climate, and to discuss sustainable solutions to these challenges, by implementing ecosystem services to harness nature and green our cities.

    We were hoping that you might be able to share this information with your followers, as your blog is widely read and respected in the sustainability sector, and we feel that this conference would provide a valuable opportunity for sustainability professionals (among others) to network, share knowledge, and learn from international environmental experts.

    If you are happy to put a link to the conference on your blog, we would be delighted to reciprocate, and provide a link to your blog on our website.

    Thank you very much for your help; it is greatly appreciated.


    Julian Halse, Ecosystem Services Come To Town

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