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Diversitas in Cape Town

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Diversitas held its second open science conference in Cape Town last week. As well as offering a platform for biodiversity scientists to exchange on their latest research, several on-going international initiatives used the conference as a useful venue to communicate their conclusions (or goals).

Among these, TEEB and the CBD’s 2010 targets were well represented. The director general of UNEP, Dr. Steiner, made the opening statement and was active in communicating on the “Blue Carbon” initiative.

Blue carbon? As Pavan Sukhdev, director of TEEB, told the participants in a plenary : all colours of carbon are important: black, brown, green or blue…… from power generation, transport, deforestation and changes in ocean chemistry. But his most insistent words were on the urgency of stopping the rise in sea surface temperatures if we wished to save the world’s coral reefs.

Mangroves - vulnerable yet indispensable coastal ecosystems

Pavan Sukhdev insists: Coral reefs are especially vulnerable to global warming

The Economist magazine offers a brief synthesis of some of the central take-home messages from the conference. You can access it on their website.

Global Procrastination

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

A recent dust storm in the city of Sydney provides armageddon-like images of nature's wrath (AAP: Tracey Nearmy, found on ABC News)

A new label was suggested for global warming and associated global change in a comment by Bubbles on the New Scientist magazine’s blog: Global Procrastination…

Sounds good. Of course, other commentators suggested alternative labels such as “Global Scaremongering”.

Blog launch

Friday, September 18th, 2009

For now, the page leads to this blog. The blog is a recent development and will be be progressively made more informative. That’s all folks!