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Towards no net loss, and beyond (in the UK)

Friday, December 31st, 2010

I had mentioned in a previous post how the UK was discussing policies for biodiversity offsets and habitat banking.

Conclusions from the Natural Capital Initiative‘s third workshop, which took place in early December 2010, are not yet on-line but they are discussed by Daniel Kandy of the ecosystem market place on their website.

He argues that the workshop gave little hope for a national policy framework or strong government regulations on offsetting. A framework for voluntary offsets by developers is a more likely outcome of the current discussions, in particular under the new coalition government:

Given the coalition government’s commitment to reducing regulation and meting out more power to local governments, a biodiversity offset program will more than likely be voluntary in nature and be regulated at the local level. After years of a Labour government opting for top-down regulatory approaches, the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government has decided to move towards a less centralized form of government oversight.

The government will state its position in the spring of 2011, in a white paper called the “Natural Environment Policy Paper”. Meanwhile, discussions continue. Stay tuned for the publication of the workshop’s conclusions by the Natural Capital Initiative themselves…