Ever heard of the IPBS?

The IPBS will have its second ad-hoc meeting in early October. Never heard of the IPBS?

That’s not surprising. The IPBS – Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services – is still a recent addition to the suite of international bodies concerned with biodiversity and ecosystem services. Born of the consultative process towards an international mechanism of scientific expertise on biodiversity (IMoSEB – launched in 2005 after the Paris Conference) and the follow-up process to the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, it aims to replicate the successful trajectory of the IPCC for climate change in the field of biodiversity loss and sustainable use of ecosystem services. Unlike other organizations such as the Millennium Assessment or Diversitas, the IPBS would formally involve governments in its assessment process, thereby giving greater political legitimacy to its conclusions.

A gap analysis was carried-out in preparation to the forthcoming meeting (available here) to identify the main gaps in the science-policy interface concerning biodiversity and ecosystem services. One of the findings of the analysis is that there is “(…) a lack of regular processes providing periodic, timely and policy-relevant information covering the full range of biodiversity and ecosystem service issues to the broader development community” (point #14, page 6).

Suggested paths of information flow for the future IPBS (Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services)

The cycle of science-policy interface according to the IPBS

We will find out after the meeting how exactly the IPBS will provide the means for such close interaction between scientific knowledge and policy needs. Stay tuned!

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  1. F@bien says:

    You can also check out this analysis of the gaps to be filled by IPBS: http://www.iddri.org/Publications/Collections/Idees-pour-le-debat/Id_090104_gap_analysis-4Feb.pdf (IDDRI)

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