Principles, criteria and indicators for biodiversity offsets

The Business and Biodiversity Offsets Program (BBOP) has launched a consultative process on several documents it drafted:

  • Guidance on the BBOP standards for biodiversity offsets, under a Principles, Criteria and Indicators (PCI) format
  • Guidance on assessing how an offset actually contributes to No-Net-Loss (NNL)
  • Guidance on assessing which components of biodiversity can and cannot be offset.
  • These are important documents which may become standard best practice, especially for firms operating in countries with no established procedures or official guidance on designing, sizing and implementing offsets. Voluntary offset initiatives by private firms are particularly targeted by BBOP.

    The PCI document give a useful overview of the many requirements of offsets, and thus reveals the various specialized knowledge and know-how required to design or assess them.

    Offsetting is hard and BBOP is providing excellent and timely guidance! Don’t hesitate to contribute!

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